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  Drive for Excellence

What's the secret formula for excellence in the cab driving universe? Quality service for our customers includes many aspects of the job being executed simultaneously. We should always pamper the client by opening doors, carrying groceries, assisting with medical issues like wheelchairs, and being helpful with local information when they're from out of town - but there's mindfulness regarding safety, understanding daily traffic patterns, and giving the smooth comfortable ride as well.

Our 12 hour shifts are started with a well planned vehicle inspection, a login to the DDS system, and to have the right attitude early to make the day profitable. A comfortable ride for our customers always includes a fresh clean vehicle, a little extra care, and on time service. That's how they know they're in a City Cab.

Some of Our Favorites

So Many Ways

With all these cool electronic gadgets, its almost impossible to pick the funnest way to order a cab. Yeah, we have the old school phone call to dispatch, and we're here 24/7 for that. And, while you're here on our site, you can use the Chat Box on the right. There's someone online and always waiting there, too! We even have video chat on Google+ for all you hard-core techies who want to be seen. Have you ever considered how quickly you can Tweet-a-Cab on Twitter? Nothing like ordering a ride in 140 characters or less.

Company Pride - from the top down.

Bruce Jackson, a co-owner of City Cab, has the philosophy and actions that best fit the notion of 'Driving Excellence' - "If you supply friendly quality service throughout the day, your gas will be paid for in tips". This is the reality of a service industry. Quality service is happily rewarded by the client, and poor inconsistent service will get the driver his fare, but not much else.

At City Cab, we always keep an eye on the word 'service'. We understand how customer expectations should always be met with a desire on our part to do more. We love serving all our customers, and are thankful we've had so many wonderful customers to serve over the years.

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Some of Our Favorites